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Are you in need of a photographer who will do the job well for a reasonable price? I have experience in event coverage, studio portraits, couples shoots and many other areas with references available.


Are you a model looking to expand your portfolio with a creative twist? Reach out to me with ideas for a shoot or simply tell me you’re interested in a collab and we’ll come up with something unique to make both of our portfolios stand out.

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This portfolio showcases my finest shots, however, the majority of my work I have displayed on Instagram where I also show the occasional shot before and after editing and engage my followers with relevant polls and questions to guide my workflow. My Instagram handle is @tobin_kelsey

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I wanna start by saying thank you for taking the time to visit my site and view my work. My name’s Kelsey Tobin and I’m a photographer living in the Gastown area of Vancouver. In late 2018 I was living in Kelowna, BC when I bought my first ever DSLR camera and I realized just how photogenic Kelowna and all it’s amazing people are, life truly did change for me once I started looking through that lens. I have always had an artistic side, whether it be painting, mixing music, cooking or photography and I try to integrate a creative twist on everything I do to keep it unique.


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INSTAGRAM: @tobin_kelsey

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